Development Stories 5

25 Oct 2013


Each edition of Development Stories reflects the diversity of our work, and this issue is no exception, with articles on climate change, the restoration of Lake Prespa, a regional conference on corruption, awareness-raising about domestic violence, the self-employment programme, and efforts to promote the social inclusion of young people. If a single theme stands out in this edition, however, it is that of innovation.

Over the last few years, UNDP has been involved in a number of innovative solutions to development challenges — including the creation of a mobile application to warn and inform citizens of risks and disasters and an app to help farmers apply pesticides with less harm to the environment. Several exciting new initiatives are reported in the following pages, including four innovative projects to increase the social inclusion of youth, a fresh approach to raising awareness of domestic violence and breaking down stereotypes associated with this problem, and a new mobile app being developed to help young people find jobs. Many of these solutions make use of the latest social media technology to tackle social problems in new ways, and all of them reflect our commitment to trying out new approaches to development.


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