Rebuilt care center for street children set to open in May 2021

After months of intensive construction work, the second phase of the rebuilding – a care center for street children – is nearing completion and is expected to open in May 2021. The new care center…  

Community Works - How North Macedonia's Unemployed Are Earning a Living by Helping the Elderly and Immobile Isolating at Home

In Kratovo, Evgenija Jovanovska is one of 60 elderly people who are receiving daily assistance with their grocery shopping and other essential errands by a municipal team of eight unemployed persons.  

Roza’s story: The importance of being empowered

After several decades spent at the Banja Bansko Rehabilitation Centre, Roza Mojsovka, a 53 years old lady born in Skopje, now starts an independent life. Together with several other persons who were…  

“There’s no such thing as ‘women’s jobs’ or ‘men’s jobs’ - if your work does others good then it’s something you should be proud of.”

In 2019, it is expected that nearly 500 people from 48 municipalities will gain valuable working experience while providing a wide array of social services to nearly 5,000 children, women and men and…  

New Start, New Start-Up

There are all sorts of ways of being stuck in a rut. Whether it’s a job that’s hit a dead-end, a marriage that’s gone sour, or a social life that’s no longer rewarding, the easiest thing in the world…  

Don’t keep thinking about - just do it!

Like many towns and cities throughout the country, unemployment is high in Tetovo and good job opportunities are rare, even for graduates with work experience like Lumi.  

Saving Lake Prespa: Restoring a freshwater ecosystem while strengthening the local economy

For over five decades now, Kole Vasilevski, 68, has been casting his nets in the waters of one of our planet’s most ancient lakes, Lake Prespa. But recent years have seen a dramatic decline in the…  

Community Work Programme in Pehcevo: Transforming the Lives of Children and Adults

Parents and young children in the small town of Pehcevo have recently seen a major improvement in their quality of life with the opening of a new nursery group for children aged 9-24 months.  

Pioneering Hairdresser in Suto Orizari Shows Potential for Roma Businesses

With UNDP's support, over 8,000 people have received coaching, training and start-up grants to start their own small businesses in the past eight years.  

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