Narine Sahakyan, UNDP's Resident Representative in North Macedonia, Vesna Ivanovska, Program Manager at Seavus Accelerator and Kristijan Mileski, Manager at Business Impact Lab after signing a Letter of Interest to mark the start of the new partnership.

Skopje, April 23, 2021 — With a new partnership, UNDP North Macedonia, Seavus Accelerator and Business Impact Lab will collaborate on the implementation of Accelerate2030 – the largest global for supporting entrepreneurs from developing markets in scaling their business solutions for tackling the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Accelerate2030 seeks to connect a community of SDG-inspired entrepreneurs, large companies, development agencies, governments, UN agencies, investors and others who can contribute expertise, resources and networks towards a shared mission of building a more sustainable economy and society.

Through a combination of data, analysis, expertise and othr insights, UNDP is making the case that the SDGs are a source of quality business opportunities for both local and regional entreprenerus and startups.

“The scope and ambition of the 2030 Agenda are far beyond what Governments or international organizations can achieve alone. It requires collective action of all key players of the society to advance truly sustainable development that embodies economic, social and environmental progress and leaves no one behind. With Accelerate2030 we aim to speed up progress towards the SDGs by encouraging entrepreneurs to contribute to their achievement with new and innovative solutions that will none the less be based on sound business logic. We want to see entrepreneurship as a driving force in sustainable development rather than an isolated ecosystem with its own economic objectives," said Narine Sahakyan, UNDP's Resident Representative in North Macedonia.

As local implementing partners for Accelerate2030, Seavus Accelerator and Business Impact Lab bring a wealth of experience, expertise and know-how of the best business development practices, in line with the SDGs.

"Through the implementation of Accelerate2030, Seavus Accelerator expands its current program, targeted to support innovative and scalable businesses, by adding a sustainable development segment alongside the tech component. Through this collaboration, we will make what might be considered a small, but nevertheless meaningful contribution toward UN’s mission and their Agenda for 2030 and join the global challenge of transforming the world together, now and from her,” explained Seavus Accelerator program manager Vesna Ivanovska.

"As the first accelerator with over five years of experience in improving the capacities of social enterprises through various programs and individual support, Business Impact Lab will use its experience to help implement the Accelerate2030 program for the first time in our country. Through this, North Macedonia will become part of the global program which is being implemented in more than 25 countries worldwide and our entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join that community. The SDGs will be the main focus of the program, which is why our collaboration with the UNDP is of key essence for the process of implementation," added Business Impact Lab manager Kristijan Mileski.

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