Roza with her paintings

After several decades spent at the Banja Bansko Rehabilitation Centre, Roza Mojsovka, a 53 years old lady born in Skopje, now starts an independent life. Together with several other persons who were previously accommodated in Banja Bansko, she moved into her new home. Now, in her new flat, furnished in accordance with the needs and wishes of each tenant, Roza is overjoyed. This already well-known painter and poetess now has more space to move between her painting easels and performs her everyday tasks faster and safer.

“Finally, my wish came true. At first, I was scared and wondered if I am truly prepared for this step, but now I know that we will have support and that with the help of my assigned personal assistant my life will move in a new direction. “ – says Roza.

Roza will have her own personal assistant, also former Banja Bansko resident. Now, Todorka, a long-life friend who has helped her with her daily routine for a long time, for the first time will have a working engagement for her service.

“We live together for such a long time. First at Banja Bansko, now at the new apartment.  What can I say? New is new. The resettlement is not going to be easy, but we will do it. For me… this is a life – changing situation. For the first time in my life, I get a salary for my engagement.”- explained Todorka Jamajlovska, Roza’s personal assistant.

As part of the joint project “Bottom up – building the local model for deinstitutionalization” initiated by the four UN agencies: UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNWomen, seven persons from Banja Bansko, coordinated by UNDP, have completely moved into the newly furnished flats. They are the first adults resettled from institutional to community-based support in country, as part of UNDP’s supports in implementation of the new National Strategy of Deinstitutionalization (Timjanik).

According to their personal needs and capabilities noted in their person – centered plans, the former Banja Bansko residents will gain additional support towards labour market activation.  Now, they are empowered and act like equal members of the local community looking forward to enjoying new life with more open opportunities.

In the upcoming period, the joint UN project will work on enabling quality and sustainability of social support services such as personal assistance, provision of care and housing support.

“Persons with disabilities can also live on their own, only if they are given the chance and the space, and most importantly – adequate support. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life” – Roza concluded with excitement in her voice.



Inside Roza's new home

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