Promoting Sustainable Employments

Project Summary

photo of a woman who has benefited from the self-employment programmeSelf-employment has proved to be an exciting and rewarding solution to unemployment for a number of people in the country over recent years. (Photo: UNDP/Ljubomir Stefanov)

Reducing the country's high rate of unemployment at a time of global economic instability is an immense challenge and a top priority. The country's sustainable development depends upon success in creating more jobs and developing skills amongst the unemployed that match the needs of the labour market.

The Self-Employment Programme is developed and implemented by the Government and UNDP. It has become an essential part of the country's employment strategy and is one of the active labour market measures of the national Operational Plan on Employment. These measures have been designed to promote smart, sustainable and socially inclusive growth.

The programme focuses on a series of measures such as:   
    - Self-employment
    - Training of unemployed in skills that are deficient on the labour market
    - Support to the growth of small and medium size enterprises with subsidized employment
    - Community works for vulnerable groups

and concrete activities, such as:
    - training in entrepreneurship skills for developing business ideas/plans
    - support in business registration,
    - provision of start-up grants in a form of equipment and/or materials to expand the business and employ additional staff
    - employment on a part-time basis of unemployed who face difficulties to enter into the labor market


Since 2007, over 25,000 people have applied for the Employment Programme.

A total of 7,721 businesses have been created 70% of the companies created have remained active.

Over 35% of the initiatives are run by women entrepreneurs and 31% by young people, younger than 29 years of age.


Host Government US$ 12,170,560.00


Year Value
2010 US$ 4,277,000
2011 US$ 4,555,000
2012 US$ 4.083.000

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