Community Works Programme

Project summary

Roma Photo by Maja Zlatevska (2)

This innovative programme was launched in 2012 and is designed to tackle social exclusion on two fronts at once.

Implemented by the Government and UNDP, the Community Works Programme offers opportunities for unemployed people to gain valuable skills while at the same time providing badly needed social services for the most socially excluded groups in society.

Project results

Over 550 people in 40 municipalities have participated in the Community Works Programme in the three years since it began. 400 of these, or 75%, are women.  All of them had previously been unemployed and, for many, the Programme provided their first work experience outside the home.

Over 10,000 people have already felt the benefits from the services provided through this programme, with each municipality launching schemes of part-time work experience in areas such as care for the elderly, services for people with disabilities and early childhood development.



Host Government, UNDP, Municipalities                            (MKD)    
2012       620,000  
2013       2,157,600    
2014       5,282,400    
2015       13,779,600  
2016       10,204,800  

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