Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje

Project Summary


At a time when many nations are facing economic difficulties, government institutions are having to look for new ways to sustain and improve public services more with less resources.  Around the world, many local governments are seeking to overcome this challenge by giving citizens more a decision-making powers to influence and shape the public services they use, encouraging people to take on a wider range of responsibilities to ensure that local services continue to be delivered and improved effectively in the future.

UNDP has supported four governments in the region to set up innovation teams or innovation labs. These teams are operating as an interface between governments and citizens to support and co-develop public services, new social enterprises and bring in additional resources and networks. Early evidence from this experience show that Labs as a new model of Government – Citizen collaboration can address the problem of lack of civic engagement and influence in policy making.

Project Results

Create an Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje as a space and a set of protocols that will enable a coming together of citizens, the public administration, the private sector and civil society to brainstorm, develop and test ideas, experiment and learn from each other.

By reducing hierarchy, focusing on design approaches, promoting appropriate levels of risk-taking in organizations, the Innovation Lab will help public administrators overcome both some of this structural and process challenges.

Combining creativity with multi-functionality in a space, we hope to show how innovation can be achieved with limited resources.

The Innovation Lab is a chance to showcase the usefulness of bringing citizens’ perspectives to decision-makers at all levels in the city. 


Government of Turkey
  50,000 USD

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