Community Works Programme Analysis Report and Policy Paper

Jun 16, 2020

The Community Works Programme (CWP) as part of the Annual Operational Plans for active programmes and measures for employment in the labor market of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, has been implemented continuously since 2012, and managed by the UNDP Office in Skopje. The analysis made during its implementation shows that this Programme has brought about significant benefits in terms of strengthening the capacity of the unemployed to engage in the labor market, as well as providing social and health services at local level. As a result of the need to align the CWP with changes in legislation in the relevant areas, as well as adapt to the current social and protection needs of the local population, UNDP initiated a survey to assess the current situation and make recommendations for promoting and achieving long-term sustainability of CWP.

For that reason, field research was conducted at central and local level at the end of 2019, involving 119 representatives of all relevant stakeholders through the use of semi-structured interview techniques and focus group discussions. The results of the research are presented in the Report on the Analysis of Social Service Delivery through the Community Works Programme and Strategic Social Protection Planning Programme at Local Level.

A Policy Paper was prepared based on the findings of the Report, which offered and analyzed three solutions for modifying the content of the CWP, including changes in the roles of key stakeholders involved in its implementation. To consider the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions, as well as their feasibility and impact on the stakeholders, the techniques of PASTEL and SWOT analysis were applied.

Both the Report and the Policy Paper are available for download on this page.


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