Democratic governance

Improving Municipal Governance

This EU-funded project aims to help complete the decentralization process by Improving the monitoring, design and provision of already decentralized services; helping municipalities undertake new services in line with inclusive local development plans; and ensuring that municipalities have the funds they need to deliver the public services they are obliged to provide. The project will also provide up to EUR 25,000 in funding to the country’s 32 small, rural municipalities to help them address priority needs, with the aim of ensuring better living standards for all.

Empowering Municipal Councils

This project will empower municipal councils to become more effective and autonomous bodies, by properly fulfilling their constitutionally assigned roles of legislation, oversight and representation. These efforts will increase the transparency and accountability and will improve living conditions in the local community through the successful implementation of priority community projects.

Supporting the implementation of the Istanbul Convention

After successfully supporting ratification in 2017, this project aims at assisting the country in its efforts to implement the Istanbul Convention, including through the creation of the first three sexual assault centres in Kumanovo, Skopje and Tetovo.

Response to the refugee crisis

This project is helping the municipalities of Gevgelija and Kumanovo to deal with the aftermath of the refugee crisis with a series of activities, including the construction of a new EU-standard landfill and the restoration of a drinking-water pumping station in Gevgelija, a sorting facility for recycling in Kumanovo, and the purchase of heavy-duty waste-management equipment for both municipalities.

Supporting civil society at local level

Part of a regional program, this project aims to strenghten participatory democracy and EU integration processes in the Western Balkans by empowering civil society to take an active part in decision making. Transparent project-based funding of civil society organizations will encourage greater civic engagement in decision-making and improve the provision of services at the local level. Five municipalities – Kavadarci, Kumanovo, Resen, Strumica and Tetovo – are included in the first phase.


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