Improving Resilience to Floods in the Polog Region

    Responding to devastating floods that hit the country in 2015 and 2016, UNDP has developed an ambitious program to prevent loss of life and damage to property during future disasters by reconstructing important parts of the flood control infrastructure and undertaking river-basin-scale prevention measures, including early-warning systems, public education, improved zoning and construction rules, and nature-based solutions for water management. The program is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

EU Flood Recovery Programme

The goal of this EU 10 million programme is to assist the country’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of the floods that occurred in early 2015 by reconstructing damaged transport and water infrastructure throughout the country. The “building back better” approach is used to maximize resilience to future floods and mitigate the risk of floods in priority sensitive regions of the country.

Restoring the Health of the Strumica River Basin

UNDP is working with the Ministry of Environment and local municipalities to protect the Strumica River Basin through integrated management of water resources. The direct impact of the project will be to reduce the risk of floods and droughts, decrease pollution and restore the ecological functions of water bodies. Through these efforts, the project will improve the living conditions of the region’s population, and ensure that competing needs for water will be balanced in an equitable fashion.

Improving the Management of Protected Areas

This EU-funded project aims to improve nature protection and to promote sustainable use of natural resources while increasing the capacity of management authorities of protected areas, local self-governments and CSOs to manage and promote protected areas in a professional and sustainable fashion. The goal is to show through 25 different projects in high-value protected areas that protecting nature can go hand in hand with social and economic benefits for local communities.

Second Biennial Report on Climate Change

The goal of this project is to assist the country in mainstreaming and integration of climate change considerations into national and sectoral development policies, while also facilitating reporting requirements to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Using ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Resilience

This project aims to help build greater disaster and climate resilience in Skopje by increasing institutional capacity, mobilizing knowledge and transferring appropriate best-practice innovation technologies.

Restoration of the Prespa Lake Ecosystem

Since 2002, UNDP has worked in partnership with national and local authorities to restore the health of this valuable and venerable ecosystem. Building on a solid foundation of monitoring, assessment and planning, the programme has targeted the region’s main environmental challenges: building sewage treatment and wastewater collection facilities; promoting sustainable agricultural techniques; making irrigation systems more efficient; replanting forests to combat erosion; and improving the protection of at-risk habitats. Water quality and biodiversity have recovered markedly as a result.

Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje

The aim of this project is to create an Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje as a space and a set of protocols that will enable a coming together of citizens, the public administration, the private sector and civil society to come together brainstorm, develop and test ideas, experiment and learn from each other.

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