Networking in Negotino

Dec 2, 2013

Tuesday 3 December will see the official launch of the Vardar Planning Region’s new Network for Inclusive Development. The launch will take place in the premises of the Municipality of Negotino at 10:30 am and will be combined with the first celebration in this country of the global initiative for promoting charity—#GivingTuesday.

The event will be attended by a wide variety of partners of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Vardar Planning Region, including representatives from civil society organizations, central and local government, international organizations and the private sector.

“The mission of the Network is to create conditions in the Vardar Planning Region for the development of a strong and competitive economy—an economy that will offer greater employment opportunities, attract investors and raise social and environmental standards for everyone throughout the Region,” says Marko Kolev, Director of the Regional Development Centre. “The Network will bring together representatives from local government, local commercial and craft chambers and civic associations in a collective effort to overcome the Region’s main socio-economic challenges.”

“Only by mutual cooperation can the local governments of the Region hope to achieve sustainable and inclusive development,“ explains UNDP Resident Representative Louisa Vinton. “The Vardar Planning Region includes some of the least developed areas in the country and the nine municipalities of the Region differ greatly in size and capacity. Many of the smaller rural municipalities suffer from a lack of vital resources. This is why UNDP has been helping to establish a regional Network for Inclusive Development.”

UNDP has designed a two-year work programme (2014–2016) for the Network. The programme was developed with extensive participation from the public, using innovative tools such as online crowdsourcing and a hotline. UNDP has also helped establish a joint administrative unit to increase energy efficiency, facilitating inter-municipal cooperation to make up for disparities in capacity.

“This is a great example of inter-municipal cooperation on a new scale, with an Agreement signed by eight mayors,” says Vanco Apostolov, the Mayor of Negotino. “Investing in energy efficiency in the region will contribute to greater economic development and growth and will also help municipalities make substantial savings.”

As part of the #GivingTuesday initiative, which aims to boost all forms of charitable contributions to society, the Municipality of Veles will publicly allocate 90m2 of office space to serve as the headquarters of the Network. UNDP has helped purchase IT equipment and furniture for the headquarters, while representatives from the local private sector will also be donating funds to refurbish the interior.

In a separate charitable initiative, the Municipality of Negotino will be giving away 50m2 of office space to help establish a regional information centre on joint efforts to increase energy efficiency. More than 10 private sector companies will supply the centre with promotional and exhibition materials.

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For more information, please contact: Sandra Ismanovski or (+389 )70 219 648

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