The Municipality of Pehcevo provides better care for its youngest

Nov 14, 2013

Today saw the launch of a newly refurbished nursery in Pehcevo that is set to improve the care provided for the youngest citizens of the Municipality—toddlers up to two years of age.

The idea behind this project is to extend the services provided by the local kindergarten in the small municipality of Pehcevo with a nursery for children aged 0–2 years. This is the first nursery of its kind in the micro-region located in the eastern part of the country.

The Municipality financed the necessary refurbishment of the building while UNDP has provided funds for the employment of three women who were previously long-term unemployed.

This initiative is part of the larger Community Works Programme.

Starting out as a pilot project two years ago, the Community Works Programme has today evolved into a sustainable measure to create job opportunities for the long-term unemployed and socially vulnerable citizens in activities of interest to the local community.

The main goal of community works, both in this country and all around the world, is to create a difference in local communities.

Fourteen municipalities in the country have taken part in the Community Works Programme this year.

The results have been highly impressive, with over 2,200 people benefitting directly from improved social services. The beneficiaries include children and parents, senior citizens, and people with special needs. This number shows the effectiveness of expanding social services and bringing them even closer to the public.

Successful examples like the new nursery in Pehcevo are highly encouraging for all other municipalities in the country to become more proactive in finding solutions to citizens’needs and improving access to social services for the most vulnerable.

The Community Works Programme is itself a component of the Employment Programme, implemented by the Government and UNDP, aiming to support the part-time engagement of unemployed individuals from vulnerable groups. This measure has been specifically designed to create opportunities for the long-term unemployed to gain skills and confidence to (re)-enter the labour market.

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