• What can you do to help achieve your favorite Sustainable Development Goal by 2030? Oct 24, 2017

    This year’s UN Day is asking what you can do to help achieve your favourite SDG. Because it’s simply not true there’s nothing we can do: even making the smallest changes in our lifestyles could help the whole world come closer to the UN’s vision for a fairer, safer, cleaner world. And social media means we have the means – literally at our fingertips – to spread our ideas to billions in a matter of seconds.

  • Building Back Better the Lipa Dam Oct 2, 2017

    Rather than simply rebuild what was there before, the programme applies a “build back better” approach to maximize resilience to future floods and mitigate the risk of floods in the most vulnerable regions of the country.

  • Aspiring women politicians discuss the challenges of social inclusion at local level Jul 16, 2017

    More than a hundred aspiring women politicians representing 23 different political parties gathered this weekend in Mavrovo to discuss the challenges of social inclusion at the local level. Co-organized by NDI and UNDP, this was the fourth in a series of weekend workshops aimed at encouraging more women to compete for office in the upcoming local elections. Currently only five of 81 municipalities are headed by women mayors.

  • New partnership set to prove the business case for sustainable farming Jun 22, 2017

    The Strumica River Basin has long been the country’s main agricultural region, owing the fertility of its soil to the River Strumica, which also provides farmers with the water they need to irrigate their crops.

  • New mobile app opens a gateway to a multicultural online classroom in Kumanovo May 26, 2017

    The initiative is part of a global commitment by UNDP to support policy and programming aimed at ensuring that youth are informed, engaged and empowered to contribute to sustainable human development and resilience of their communities. Combining youth with innovation has the potential to create new solutions to development challenges and to drive social change.

  • After the floods – building back better in the Strumica River Basin Feb 24, 2017

    Already the EUR 800,000 project has cleared 23 kilometres of regulated canals and repaired damaged embankments that were built decades ago, significantly reducing the blockage and the risk of overflow. The project includes interventions in the main flood control canals and drainage network that run through several municipalities in the region of Strumica.

  • A fruitful tour of Alsace gives Vardar wine-producers a lesson in regional cooperation Jan 19, 2017

    UNDP’s Local Development Programme has been supporting the Vardar Planning Region in establishing cooperation with the Alsace region. As all wine-lovers will know, Alsace is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, with a strong tradition of wine tourism.

  • A creative approach to multi-ethnic cooperation amongst young people in Kumanovo Jan 12, 2017

    Young people here have a need for creative expression and there is no other space outside of school where they can express themselves and at the same time practice social inclusion and integration. This is why MultiKulti has always used art as a tool, including theatre, dance, photography and comic strips.

  • Strumica River Basin farmers learn more sustainable practices Dec 26, 2016

    Given the vital importance of agriculture to the region, tackling the problem of unsustainable farming practices is now a key priority in the Basin, especially in the context of climate change. This is why a new and comprehensive programme has been launched to modernize agriculture and train farmers to grow different crops, plan crop rotations and irrigate and fertilize more efficiently.

  • Rebuilding the Mavrovica Dam to save lives and protect property in Sveti Nikole Dec 9, 2016

    he Restoration of the Mavrovica Dam is part of a wider project being supported by the EU Flood Recovery Programme, which aims to assist the country’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of the floods that occurred in early 2015 by reconstructing damaged water and flood control infrastructure. The interventions focus on improving the discharge capacities of regulated river sections and drainage networks in the Crna Reka and Strumica River Basins, as well as the reconstruction and better management of four dams that were damaged by the floods.

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