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  • 18 Dec 2013
    Keeping the promise: Government and civil society reflect on the rights of people with disabilities

    The consultation session was particularly significant because it enabled—for the first time in this country—a valuable exchange of information and analysis between the Government and civil society organizations involved in protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and the implementation of the UN Convention in national legislation and practice.

  • 12 Dec 2013
    Decentralisation and Local Development: What’s next?

    With assistance from UNDP, research was conducted in all municipalities to identify the main achievements of decentralization and the main challenges that lie ahead. Carried out from September to November 2013, the research involved extensive surveys of local state administration bodies and local government units, as well as interviews with mayors and round table discussions with relevant stakeholders.

  • 10 Dec 2013
    Skopje’s Anti-Corruption Day conference highlights shared commitment to integrity

    To celebrate this year’s Anti-Corruption Day, the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, together with the OSCE and UNDP, organized a conference in Skopje under the title ‘Zero Corruption – 100% Development’. The conference brought together over 100 representatives from key central institutions, municipal administration, international organizations, NGOs and the media.

  • 06 Dec 2013
    National forum calls for local action to combat climate change

    A National Forum on coping with climate change was held today to help raise awareness, shape local policy actions and mobilize local potential for addressing the challenges related to climate change. The participants were unanimous in urging local governments to join the battle against climate change as soon as possible.

  • 05 Dec 2013
    The Municipality of Tetovo Commits to Redoubling its Efforts to Combat Corruption

    The Municipality of Tetovo has committed itself to redoubling its efforts in the fight against corruption. The Mayor of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi, today put this commitment into writing by signing an agreement to introduce an integrity system in the municipality. UNDP developed the integrity system in partnership with the State Anti-Corruption Commission.

  • 26 Nov 2013
    Reaching out to partners and donors on #GivingTuesday

    UNDP in Skopje will be taking part this December in an exciting global initiative to boost all forms of charitable contributions to society. Called #GivingTuesday, this annual celebration of philanthropy at the start of the giving season proved a great success in focusing worldwide attention on the power of volunteerism to improve people’s lives.

  • 22 Nov 2013
    Climate change poses real threat to precious cultural heritage monuments

    Today saw the launch of one of the first-ever reports undertaken in the world to assess the potential impact of climate change on cultural heritage. The report clearly states that climate change will cause irreversible damage to the cultural heritage if no preventative action is taken.

  • 21 Nov 2013
    World premiere of After the Rain sends Skopje the message: Adapt now to survive climate change!

    Last night saw the world premiere of the first Macedonian documentary about climate change. Directed by Biljana Gavranlieva, the film was screened in Skopje as part of the European Film Festival Cinedays. The documentary shows four women farmers coping in different ways with the negative effects of climate change.

  • 14 Nov 2013
    The Municipality of Pehcevo provides better care for its youngest

    Today saw the launch of a newly refurbished nursery in Pehcevo that is set to improve the care provided for the youngest citizens of the Municipality—toddlers up to two years of age.

  • 24 Jul 2013
    Prespa's new monitoring boat on its first voyage to take samples from the lake

    Many measures have been undertaken over the past decades to restore the vulnerable ecosystem of Lake Prespa. The effectiveness of these measures, however, can only be accurately assessed through continuous monitoring of the status of the water.

  • 20 Jul 2013
    Municipalities Join Forces to Fight the Effects of Climate Change

    Civil servants from ten municipalities of the South-East Planning Region gathered in Strumica this July to launch an important project to counter the negative effects of climate change.

  • 06 Jun 2013
    Greenhouse gas emissions: Data that makes a difference!

    A new inventory of national greenhouse gas emissions has just been launched by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and UNDP, developed to help the country meet the requirements of the International Convention on Climate Change.

  • 08 May 2013
    Corruption: Answering the call?

    One of the capital’s most highly populated areas, the municipality of Aerodrom, is breaking new ground in the fight against corruption, becoming one of the first local governments in the country to provide a direct phone line for citizens to report suspected cases of official wrongdoing.

  • 08 May 2013
    Taking on domestic violence: A media approach

    Participants at the discussion included over 30 journalists and editors, a number of MPs and Government ministers, as well as NGO representatives and experts on the issue of domestic violence. A clear message emerged from the discussion — the message that only an integrated and joint approach involving all key stakeholders will be effective in changing attitudes to domestic violence.

  • 03 May 2013
    Apples all round for teachers and students in Resen

    High-school students in the town of Resen will soon be taking part in a groundbreaking initiative to help promote environmentally responsible farming and preserve the region’s valuable biodiversity.

  • 16 Apr 2013
    First social innovation Govcamp takes citizens' participation to a new level

    The Social Innovation GovCamp was an innovation in itself—the first think-tank of its kind in the country and a model of how citizen participation can go beyond consultation to active involvement in generating fresh solutions to improve local services.

  • 10 Apr 2013
    Stepping up support for EU accession

    As the country enters into each new phase in the process of EU accession, national and local institutions will need support for reforms, to meet the requirements of the EU acquis.

  • 15 Mar 2013
    Nine municipalities sign up to the fight against corruption

    Nine mayors have taken the brave step of publicly signing up to official anti-corruption policies for their municipalities, affirming the principles of integrity and declaring zero tolerance for corruption.

  • 08 Mar 2013
    UN makes a promise for action to end violence against women

    All women and girls have a right to live in a world free of violence. However, many women around the globe have suffered violence in their lifetime and many more have comforted a sister or friend following an attack.

  • 06 Dec 2012
    Roundtable on Employment of Persons with Disabilities Sparks Lively Discussion

    UNDP organized a roundtable on employment of persons with disabilities, as a stage in the preparation of a comprehensive report which elaborates on EU policies and best practices in this field. Representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Chamber of Commerce, the Community of Sheltered Companies, as well as experts and disability activists attended this event.

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