• Rebuilding the Mavrovica Dam to save lives and protect property in Sveti Nikole Dec 9, 2016

    he Restoration of the Mavrovica Dam is part of a wider project being supported by the EU Flood Recovery Programme, which aims to assist the country’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of the floods that occurred in early 2015 by reconstructing damaged water and flood control infrastructure. The interventions focus on improving the discharge capacities of regulated river sections and drainage networks in the Crna Reka and Strumica River Basins, as well as the reconstruction and better management of four dams that were damaged by the floods.

  • A smart future for public transport in Skopje Dec 7, 2016

    Getting more people to use public transport is key to tackling the major problem of pollution in the country’s capital city of Skopje. To encourage more commuters to switch from cars to buses, UNDP partnered with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development and the city’s main bus company, JSP, to launch a competition to find intelligent solutions to improve the bus system, including a bus ‘hackathon’ and ‘smart bus stop’ design.

  • Creating opportunities for independent life -- turning disabilities into abilities Dec 7, 2016

    Social Services for Persons with Disabilities aims to support the training of people with disabilities in the skills they need to enter the labour market and lead fuller and more independent lives. The project will include a training programme for work-oriented rehabilitation that aims to enable twenty people from the Banja Bansko Institution to find jobs in a labour market that has traditionally excluded people with disabilities.

  • Community Work Programme in Pehcevo: Transforming the Lives of Children and Adults Dec 5, 2016

    Parents and young children in the small town of Pehcevo have recently seen a major improvement in their quality of life with the opening of a new nursery group for children aged 9-24 months.

  • New EU Project to Improve Flood Protection in Crna Reka River Basin Nov 10, 2016

    After three decades of neglect, however, help is finally at hand in the shape of a major EU-funded project being implemented by UNDP. The first stage of the project, a massive clean-up operation of the riverbed of the Crna Reka, has already begun, with overgrown vegetation being cleared along a 37-km section of the river. The 800,000-euro project will include interventions in the main river channel and tributaries that run through several municipalities in the region of Pelagonija, in line with the priorities earlier identified by a UNDP-supported feasibility study for the river.

  • UN Teams up with Rad Designers to Imagine 2030 Now Nov 3, 2016

    UN Day this year was all about raising public awareness of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development agreed on by world leaders in 2015—a set of goals that aim to bring an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. To celebrate UN Day and bring the Global Goals to public attention, four innovative local designers joined up with the UN to create T-shirts illustrating their vision of ‘2030 Now’.

  • Vocational training helps inmates find jobs after their release Oct 6, 2016

    The Kshinje Prison in Kumanovo is a newly built semi-open institution that currently houses inmates serving sentences of up to three years. The prison was fully refurbished in 2012 and now has classrooms, recreational facilities and a library with over 2,600 books. Vocational training courses were introduced here six months ago by UNDP, in cooperation with the Directorate for the Execution of Sanctions, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

  • Ideas from the public invited to improve Skopje’s bus services Two initiatives -- Skopje Bus Hackathon and Project Bus Stop – seek smart solutions for city problems Sep 21, 2016

    Encouraging more people to use public transport is key to tackling urban pollution, one of the most pressing problems facing the citizens of Skopje.

  • A solution for “smart recycling” triumphs in Skopje climate change contest Jun 27, 2016

    The winner of the “It Depends on You” climate change challenge for 2016 was team ReBot, which captivated the jury with a passionate and inspired presentation of an innovative solution for recycling and sorting plastic waste. Competing against eight other finalists selected from more than 60 submissions, ReBot won the first prize of USD 10,000 and a chance to transform its winning idea into a prototype.

  • Tapping public talent to overcome the challenges of climate change – finalists selected in nationwide competition for innovative ideas to boost urban resilience Jun 20, 2016

    A nationwide competition was launched earlier this year inviting members of the public to submit their own innovative proposals for tackling climate change and increasing urban resilience. More than sixty ideas were submitted to the competition, ten of which were shortlisted for further development.