• Rebuilding roads, rebuilding lives – a new EU project in the flood-hit Municipality of KonceMay 23, 2016The remote rural municipality of Konce is a beautiful but by no means easy place to live—and the record floods that hit the area in January 2015 have been making life a whole lot harder. Situated in the southeast of the country, Konce is made up of just a handful of villages nestled in the foothills of Mount Serta. The few thousand inhabitants of this municipality are mostly small-scale farmers eking a living from growing tobacco, the majority of them struggling to stay above the poverty line. In such precarious circumstances, the damage wrought by last year’s flooding has proved little short of a catastrophe.

  • Help in the Pipeline: The EU Flood Recovery Programme Launches a Project to Build Back Better a Damaged Culvert in Cesinovo-OblesovoApr 25, 2016The damaged culvert is also a major danger and obstruction for the passage of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines. According to the mayor of the municipality, Kostadin Lickov, there is no suitable alternative to the bridge that passes through the village of Sokolarci and connects to the entire regional road.

  • Building Back Better: Restoring a Vital Connection for the Villagers of RazlovciApr 8, 2016The reconstruction of the bridge is one of eight transportation-related projects being funded by the EU Flood Recovery Programme. The projects will all be implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Secretariat for European Integration, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Public Enterprise for State Roads and the local governments of the affected municipalities.

  • New water system brings safe drinking water to the residents of Dolno DupeniMar 30, 2016Despite living beside one of the largest bodies of freshwater in Europe, the 200 or so villagers of Dolno Dupeni near Lake Prespa have suffered multiple problems over the past ten years with severe shortages of clean drinking water. These have been especially acute during the tourist season, when the population of the bucolic village swells to more than 1,000 people eager to visit local beaches.

  • Reconnecting the people of Mogila – a new EU project to help rebuild the flood-hit roads of PelagonijaMar 16, 2016Situated in the heart of the Pelagonija region in the far south of the country, the Municipality of Mogila experienced record flood-levels at the end of January 2015, then again in February and early March.

  • Women find vocations through the Community Works ProgrammeMar 8, 2016In all 538 people in 42 municipalities have participated in the Community Works Programme in the three years since it began. 400 of these, or 75%, are women. All of them had previously been unemployed and, for many, the Programme provided their first work experience outside the home.

  • Creating a Green Cadastre to Help Make Skopje a Greener CityFeb 15, 2016In partnership with the capital city, the UN’s Development Programme is undertaking a complex process of mapping, recording and cataloguing all of the public green zones in the capital, and this includes each and every bush and tree. The creation of this “green cadastre” is part of a larger program that aims both to promote an expansion in green spaces to match European norms for urban areas, and also to improve the city’s preparedness for natural disasters and climate change.

  • A runaway success! Prototype developed for award-winning shoe soles that can charge your phoneDec 30, 2015The unique charging-device is the outcome of six months of hard work and dedication by a group of four innovative students whose idea for the invention recently won a national Climate Challenge competition with a prize of 10,000 US dollars to help develop the prototype.

  • Making Inclusion a Reality - New School Facilities Improve Access for Pupils with DisabilitiesDec 3, 2015Thanks to a broader inclusion program called “We Live in the Same World,” children with disabilities at the Vasil Glavinov primary school in Veles now enjoy improved access and mobility to school facilities. As part of UNDP’s long-term and ongoing cooperation with municipalities in the Vardar Planning Region, a new elevator and two lavatories specially designed for the needs of pupils with disabilities have been installed in the school.

  • #GivingTuesday: UNDP Donates Truck to the Municipality of Kumanovo to Help Local Communities Cope with the Refugee CrisisDec 1, 2015On this year’s #GivingTuesday, UNDP donated a new US $20,000 waste-management truck to the municipality of Kumanovo to help local communities cope with the refugee crisis that has seen more than 750,000 people cross the country so far this year. The municipality will use the truck to remove the heaps of garbage that accumulate as refugees and migrants make their way, entering from Greece at Gevgelija in the south and exiting into Serbia at Kumanovo in the north.

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