Environment and Energy

Long-term social and economic development requires responsible management of natural resources, the reduction of environmental hazards, and climate resilent economic growth.

Our Goals

UNDP helps decision-makers integrate environmental considerations and measures in policies and supports the national capacity to prevent pollution, maintain biodiversity, decrease the negative effects of climate change, implement energy efficiency measures and reduce the risks of natural disasters. more

Our goal

To build sustainable futures.

Our Stories

  • New SMS notification system is set to transform farming practices in the Prespa region

    This is the one everyone knows from cartoons - the little worm in the apple” explains Eftim Petkovski, scooping the larva of a codling moth from an apple in his orchard in Resen. “But it’s no joke, I can tell you – if we farmers don’t spray for them early on, all our livelihoods are at risk. Timing is everything with these pests.more

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  • The kindergarten Srnicka-Kalinka in the municipality of Aerodrom is the first energy efficient kindergarten in the country.

    Energy efficiency begins at the kindergarten

    The key aim of UNDP’s kindergarten project has been to demonstrate and raise awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of greater energy efficiency in the building sector.more

Projects and Initiatives

Restoration of the Prespa Lake Ecosystem

Restoring the Ecosystem of Lake Prespa is the latest project to support the sustainable development of this vulnerable region. It is expected that this project will bring many benefits for the local people and environment. And by reducing the pressures on the ecosystem, it will significantly improve the health and resilience of the Lake. more

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Focal point
Anita Kodzoman

Head of Environment and Energy Unit


Featured publication
The Fish of Prespa

This 150-page guide to the many species of fish in the Prespa lake - offers readers the country's first ever comprehensive description of the extraordinary forms of lilfe found in the lake and extensive information about the changing conditions of these ancient waters.

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