Strenghtening Aid Effectiveness

Project Summary

 The effective use of aid assistance is key to the improvement of the population’s living standards and the country’s EU integration process. (Photo: UNDP)

The project supports the Secretariat for European Affairs to strengthen and promote the aid effectiveness agenda across all policy areas, such as human capital development , promoting business environment, competitiveness and innovation, agriculture, environment, justice and home affairs, local self government, decentralization and  public administration reform. The capacities of the Secretariat and the line ministries’ staff are further built to ensure effective programming, monitoring and measurement of results.

Each year, the country receives about 200 million USD of foreign aid and an increasing amount of EU pre-accession funds. The effective use of these resources is key to the improvement of the population’s living standards and the country’s EU integration process.

Over the past years, the Government has been working continuously with the international community to ensure better coordination and effectiveness of the foreign aid. This partnership is now more important than ever, with the increasing difficulties for attracting foreign financing.

The Programme Based Approach (PBA) can greatly contribute to improve aid effectiveness, by increasing the national ownership, improving coherence between the national policies, budgeting process and aid support, reducing transaction costs of external assistance and establishing a system for transparent performance assessment that can be easily monitored.


This project assists the  Secretariat for European Affairs and all development partners to apply a Programme Based Approach in programming, implementing and monitoring of foreign aid and to use the jointly agreed results-oriented reporting and monitoring framework - in line with the key targets and objectives of the national and sector development strategies.

A Programme Based Approach is implemented to provide a model for effective coordination of development assistance and improve the overall policy and institutional environment.



Government of the Kingdom of Norway US$ 388,632.00


Year Value
2010 US$ 190,831
2011 US$ 176,676
2012 US$ 116,512