Our Projects

Social Inclusion

  • Promoting Sustainable Employments

    Since this Programme began in 2007, more than 7,700 people have found secure employment by creating their own companies or formalizing their existing business. A remarkable 70% of the entrepreneurs who have received training and start-up equipment through the Programme over the past five years have remained in business - well above the average global success rates for new companies.

  • Seeking out New Solutions for Greater Roma Inclusion

    The main objective of the project is to empower people from Roma communities throughout the region to gain better access to effective social services and business development opportunities.

  • Community Works Programme

    The Community Works Programme offers opportunities for unemployed people to gain valuable skills while at the same time providing badly needed social services for the most socially excluded groups in society.

Democratic Governance

  • Giving a voice to youth

    The purpose of this project is to increase youth participation in local governance and ensure more equitable social service delivery through social partnerships. It is expected that this project will contribute to greater youth participation in policy making processes. This is critical for the overall cohesiveness of society and an essential factor for enhancing inter-ethnic dialogue in the country.

  • Integrity Systems

    The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the achievement of the country’s long-term goals related to the EU integration processes and fight against corruption. It is helping the citizens get an easy, friendly, equitable and corruption-free access to services provided by central and local level institutions.

  • Local Development

    To ensure that local governments are able to deal with the complex reforms, ensure provision of efficient and transparent services to all their citizens and secure local growth. This project is helping local governments adopt an integrated approach to development, including its economic, environmental and social aspects.

  • Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans

    Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (RELOAD) is a new regional programme that aims to strenghten participatory democracies and European Union integration processes in the Western Balkans by empowering civil society to take an active part in decision making.

Environment and Energy

  • Restoration of the Prespa Lake Ecosystem

    Restoring the Ecosystem of Lake Prespa is the latest project to support the sustainable development of this vulnerable region. It is expected that this project will bring many benefits for the local people and environment. And by reducing the pressures on the ecosystem, it will significantly improve the health and resilience of the Lake.

  • Municipal Energy Management

    the main objective of this project is to help create the necessary conditions for municipalities to improve their use of energy resources.The project will achieve this objective by increasing the capacities of all municipalities to implement energy-efficiency measures and raising awareness of the benefits of better energy management.

  • Restoring the Health of the Strumica River Basin

    With funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, UNDP will work with the Ministry of Environment and local municipalities to protect the Strumica River Basin through integrated management of water resources. The direct impact of the project will be to reduce the risk of floods and droughts, decrease pollution and restore the ecological functions of water bodies. Through these efforts, the project will improve the living conditions of the region’s population.

  • EU Floods Recovery Programme – Reconstruction and rehabilitation of transport infrastructure

    The goal of the project is to assist the country’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of the floods that occurred in early 2015 by reconstructing damaged transport infrastructure. The “building back better” approach will be used to maximize resilience to future floods and mitigate the risk of floods in priority sensitive regions of the country.

  • EU Floods Recovery Programme– Improvement of Flood Prevention and Mitigation Response in Affected Areas

    Funded by the EU, implemented by UNDP, this project will target damaged water infrastructure in six locations in the East, West, Southeast and Pelagonija regions, restoring regulated riverbeds and drainage systems in the Crna Reka and Strumica river basins and reconstructing and improving the management of the four priority dams of Mavrovica, Slatina, Drenska Reka and Lipa.

  • response to Flash Floods in Skopje and Tetovo

    The European Union and the World Bank, together with the UN agencies in the country, have responded swiftly to the Government’s request for assistance in addressing the damage caused by the devastating floods that hit the country in 2016.

  • Second Biennial Update Report

    The goal of this project is to assist the country in mainstreaming and integration of climate change consideration into national and sectoral development policies, while also facilitating reporting requirements to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  • Using ICT for Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction

    The main objective of this project is to help build greater disaster and climate resilience in Skopje, Yerevan and Ungheni by increasing institutional capacity, mobilizing knowledge and transferring appropriate best-practice innovation technologies.

  • Reducing Flood Risk in the Polog Region

    The goal of the project is to assist the country’s flood recovery efforts in the Polog Region. It aims to prevent loss of life and damage to property during future floods by reconstructing important parts of the flood control infrastructure in the City of Tetovo.

  • Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje

    Create an Innovation Lab in the City of Skopje as a space and a set of protocols that will enable a coming together of citizens, the public administration, the private sector and civil society to brainstorm, develop and test ideas, experiment and learn from each other.

  • Improving the Management of Protected Areas

    The successful implementation of the project will contribute to more sustainable management of natural resources within protected areas in the country.

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