Third National Report to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Project summary

 Agriculture is one of the sectors that is likely to suffer the most from climate change (PHOTO: Ljubomir Stefanov/UNDP)

The main objective of this project is to further strengthen the analytical capacities of key national institutions so that they are able to better integrate climate change priorities into the country’s development strategies.

This will be achieved through provision of financial and technical support for the preparation of the Third National Communication to
the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Thanks to the development of various climate change modelling scenarios, priority actions will be identified for the most vulnerable areas in the country and policy recommendations will be designed to ensure that there is an overall clear picture on the expected climate change impacts, costs and benefits for the country.


Upon completion of the project, the national Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory will be updated. The national capacities for modeling, analyzing and projecting future Greenhouse Gas emissions will be strengthened.

A set of policies and recommendations will be designed to support the integration of climate change issues into the country’s development strategies and national programmes.

Through a series of workshops and roundtable discussions, the institutional capacities at national and municipal levels will be strengthened, to ensure that climatological data is integrated into sectoral programmes.

Thanks to climate change modelling scenarios, the most vulnerable sectors and areas in the country will be identified. Several studies will be carried out to define priority actions- includ ing technical, economic, environmental, social and financial analyses. The key findings and recommendations from these studies will help decision makers to strengthen the country’s preparedness to respond to the climate change challenges.


Global Environment Facility US$ 500,000


Year Value
2010 N/A
2011 US$ 71,237
2012 US$ 167,412