Democratic Governance

  • Giving a voice to youthGiving a voice to youthThe purpose of this project is to increase youth participation in local governance and ensure more equitable social service delivery through social partnerships. It is expected that this project will contribute to greater youth participation in policy making processes. This is critical for the overall cohesiveness of society and an essential factor for enhancing inter-ethnic dialogue in the country.

  • Integrity SystemsIntegrity SystemsThe overall objective of this project is to contribute to the achievement of the country’s long-term goals related to the EU integration processes and fight against corruption. It is helping the citizens get an easy, friendly, equitable and corruption-free access to services provided by central and local level institutions.

  • Local DevelopmentLocal DevelopmentTo ensure that local governments are able to deal with the complex reforms, ensure provision of efficient and transparent services to all their citizens and secure local growth. This project is helping local governments adopt an integrated approach to development, including its economic, environmental and social aspects.


Good governance is essential part of effective democracy. UNDP works closely with Government and institutions at all levels is to increase skills and capacities to design more responsive and inclusive policies and to deliver their services more effectively.

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UN Annual Results Report 2012

This report provides a snapshot of the work UN agencies in the country undertook throughout 2012. In partnership with Government, local government institutions, other national stakeholders, civil society, academia and the private sector, results were achieved across a wide range of areas - from increasing human capital and promoting employment, to empowering local government to provide quality social services, and promoting environmentally sustainable development together with a strengthened response to climate change.


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